Create A Cottage Style Home For Summer

What is it about summer in Richmond that makes us want to update our homes in a casual cottage style? Creating cottage style is easy and even with a small budget Stone’s Home Furnishings can provide design tips to help you update your home for summer.

Start by thinking about which area of your home you want to update. Do you want to create a relaxing space to read, like a sunny nook in your kitchen or living room? Or do you prefer to entertain friends and family in your kitchen or dining room? Once you identify your space simply pick a key design element and a few accessories.

Creating a relaxing space

To create a relaxing cottage style space, our Paula Deen Chaise Lounge is a must have. Add this piece to a corner in your living room, or on a covered porch. Then choose a nautical themed pillow and something that reminds you of the beach. Your room is instantly transformed and you are ready to spend an afternoon sipping lemonade in your favorite new chair.

Updating your entertaining space

If you love to entertain friends and family you can easily create an inviting gathering space. Start with a statement piece like our Paula Deen Bistro Table, or a cottage style armoir or sideboard. Then add a centerpiece such as a serving tray filled with seashells or mementos from your favorite vacation.

For another twist on cottage style, visit our furniture showroom and browse our one-of-a-kind chairs. Just pick out the chairs that suit your style, even if they don’t match. Mixing different styles of kitchen and dining room chairs is a great way to add a casual cottage style to your home.

No matter which living space you decide to update, Stone’s Home Furnishings has what you need. And if you need help, don’t worry. Our design services can help you pick out the perfect piece to transform your home no matter what style you prefer.